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Achieve your ESG goals with Eliona

As a reliable provider, we deliver verifiable energy data for your ESG reporting and energy management.

Our energy solution

Our services

Eliona installation

Eliona cloud

all functions

from CHF 299 / 285 €

per month

CHF 299 / 285 € includes, for example, the integration of:

➞ 30 thermal comfort sensors
➞ 30 occupancy rate sensors
➞ 20 users
➞ 2 administrators

That means: 20 employees in an office are able to book their workspace and control and monitor the room (light, air conditioning and blinds) via AR markers.


+ %

Increase in productivity through indoor environment quality optimisation.

Eliona on-premises and customer cloud

all functions

from CHF 7'200 / 6.800 €

package price for 24 months

Eliona can also be installed on-premises or in your cloud environment.

This means that sensitive data does not have to leave your own infrastructure and you have full data sovereignty. You buy the platform once and there are no ongoing subscription costs.

* Indefinite term and included 24 months Software Maintenance Service. After expiration of the initial Software Maintenance Service, it can be extended for 1 year at a price of 24% of the software price.

Eliona services

all functions

on request

Proof of Concept

To test and evaluate the use of Eliona, we offer comprehensive proof of concepts. These can be implemented on our platform quickly and easily, and give you the opportunity to map your business process or project live. We develop the ultimate solution for your application on the basis of this PoC.


The consistent implementation of smart building requires change management within the company. With our consulting services, we support you with the implementation of Eliona in an existing environment, the definition of use cases and explicit optimisations of business processes.

Solution Development

If the standard features do not 100% meet your requirements, we can develop customised solutions on the basis of the Eliona platform. We develop the required feature together through a design thinking process, we design and test the interface according to UX guidelines and we implement it with our software specialists.

DevOps Services

To ensure that your Eliona solution is consistently up to date, our DevOps team takes responsibility for the complete administration – regardless of whether Eliona is installed in the cloud or on premises. That includes upgrades and the maintenance and optimisation of your individual installation.

Managed Services

If required, we are able to manage your Eliona installation in full. Our engineers monitor, scale and optimise the software and ensure the smooth operation of your Smart Building Assistant.