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BIM Modelling (IFC)

Efficiency in planning and operation

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Achieve your ESG goals with Eliona

As a reliable provider, we deliver verifiable energy data for your ESG reporting and energy management.

Our energy solution

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These days, facilities management is forced to grapple with outdated plans and 2D data. This means that both small repair tasks and larger-scale renovation work can become Herculean tasks.

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Eliona is IFC compatible and can process this data easily and map it in the Smart Building Assistant. Information up to BIM 7D – i.e. everything which is necessary for the operation of the building, such as the maintenance/operating instructions, guarantors, etc. – can be implemented. This enables a BIM-based maintenance and repairs management for the building operators.

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With BIM-based maintenance and repairs management, time and therefore costs can be saved. Rapid access to the relevant building information, documents and warranty data at a central point enables the facility management to navigate optimally through the building. Energy flows can also be controlled, resource-saving air conditioning can be provided and the “ecological footprint” can be ensured.

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